Stone Three develops bespoke enterprise software engineering solutions for industry leading organisations.

By applying a process of Co-Discovery, we partner with clients across a range of industries to identify the unique technological challenges faced by their organisations. This partnership is evolved during the development phase into a process of Co-Creation where we become tech partners to our clients. The result is world-class technological solutions that make operations more efficient, and organisations more successful.


Our unique Co-Discovery and Co-Creation process firmly places us as tech partners to our clients. R&D level involvement during the Co-Discovery phase enables us to jointly explore all issues associated with the organisation’s operational and technological challenges. During the Co-Creation phase, we undertake extensive prototyping and in-market testing to ensure that every solution comprehensively addresses the unique challenges faced by each of our clients. The result is an effective and robust technological solution that has a real and lasting impact on our clients’ bottom line, improving business critical operations and future-proofing their organisation.


Stone Three has extensive experience in the development and deployment of Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Software Defined Radio, Machine Vision and Machine Learning solutions, underpinned by world class Enterprise Software Engineering. Our team of skilled and experienced software developers, engineers, technical consultants and business analysts work in close collaboration to ensure every component in a client solution works in tandem to achieve the best outcome for our clients.


Stone Three’s solutions have been successfully implemented for market leaders in a range of industries, including companies in the Mining, Agriculture, Medical, Telecommunications, Media, Business Intelligence and Maritime sectors.

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