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Taking care of what’s most important

Industry 4.0. At Stone Three, it’s not just another buzzword. It’s what drives us. Using technology to innovate, to improve, to empower, and most of all, to connect. To connect your company with solutions that can help save significant time and money. To connect your employees to safer working conditions and quality healthcare. And most of all, to connect you with the outcomes and results you need to ensure your continued success.

It’s this passion for collaboration and connection that keeps us researching, designing and developing, constantly looking for ways to take technology out of the ordinary, to deliver excellence, and to use Industry 4.0 as a way of constantly moving us all forward. Welcome to the future of technology. Welcome to Stone Three.


Using AI-augmented solutions to increase productivity in the mining industry while saving you valuable time and money.

Workplace Safety

Integrating smart solutions with your existing system to detect and prevent costly workplace accidents.


Giving your employees access to quality healthcare no matter where they are, through the use of computer-aided diagnostics.

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