Stone Three was born when our founders decided to bring the latest technology to the third stone from the sun, Earth.

Founded in 2000, Stone Three has evolved to become one of South Africa’s leading Industrial IoT firms, leveraging its digital signal processing experience to develop bespoke devices and sensors that generate unique data sets for industrial applications.

We distinguish ourselves through:

  • signal processing experience,
  • enterprise-level software engineering, and
  • deep domain expertise built up over the past two decades.

Our team of engineers, developers and business analysts research and develop real applications for industrial solutions in the mining, healthcare and maritime telecommunications industries. Our data science philosophy is guided by the belief that it’s undesirable to implement effective machine learning solutions without having deep domain expertise.

As a company we take pride of a long track record of developing industry-specific solutions to some of the most complex and multifaceted industrial problems. Our machine vision based smart sensor technology, remote process diagnostics and advanced process control services have improved minerals processing operations with digital productivity solutions. Through partnerships in the maritime and telemedicine industries, we have developed leading edge software-defined radio and precision telemedicine offerings exported to several countries.

We have always sought to go beyond the hype of new technologies and uncover real-world applications that solve specific problems in the industrial value chain.

Stone Three consists of four key business units, namely:

  • Stone Three Mining, which develops solutions focused on digital productivity.
  • Stone Three Healthcare, which owns and operates precision telemedicine solutions for the North American market with a strong focus on diagnostics.
  • Stone Three Communications, which develops hardware and software solutions for the global maritime industry using industrial IoT technologies.
  • Stone Three Digital, an internal R&D lab that supports the company’s vertical business units while also incubating new ideas and innovation through contract research to develop new solutions.

Stone Three is an industrial IoT company that leverages its extensive domain knowledge, data science and enterprise software expertise, and device capabilities to develop sustainable solutions for repeating problems in key global industries.


Stone Three employs more than 65 high-talent innovators across its various business units and is ably supported by a senior leadership team comprising of respected industry leaders, business executives, technologists and talent managers.

Derick Moolman


“I believe the most successful Industrial IoT and machine learning companies of the future will be those that solve specific, repeating problems with a combination of domain knowledge and technology, via services models and excellent, stable multi-disciplinary teams to enable sustainable value for the customer.”

“Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to leverage the deep skills and experience base of Stone Three in combining leading edge machine vision approaches with machine learning to solve difficult new problems in healthcare precision telemedicine, mining asset, process and safety diagnostics.”

“In three years, I want us to have thriving vertical businesses in mining for digital productivity and safety, healthcare for precision telemedicine in cardiovascular, respiratory and diabetes applications, telecommunications for software defined radio solutions, and other areas in which we can add value by complementing domain knowledge with our core assets in machine vision, enterprise software engineering and machine learning.”

Francois Swanepoel


“The most important thing to consider when building new technology is to listen to the market, build for market needs, and don’t invest time on building features the market is not interested in. If you get to market as soon as possible, you can get feedback from users/market. Technology solutions should be people-centric: build for teams and users, not just for the sake of technology.”

“The toughest challenge with creating innovative technology solutions in South Africa is assumptions.  Test, question, and convert assumptions to knowledge.  Build innovative solutions once the problem is well understood. Creating technology is hard. You need great teams and good processes to guide those teams.  There are no silver bullets for development processes: Design, implement, refine, and iterate.”

“Make sure your teams have focus: with too many distractions, you lose track of the viable, scalable opportunities.”

“The most exciting new technologies are machine learning, cloud, and the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Pierre Boshoff


“Successful companies all mobilise a group of talented people by giving them the autonomy to create something amazing.”

“Ethics and honesty are the areas of business that you never compromise on.”

“In three years, I’d like to see us build some excellent products and become a trusted partner to industry in solving difficult problems and creating real value.”

Eugene Jansen

Director: Business Development

“Successful technology innovations rely on cross-functional teams that can collaborate in an agile manner between customers and suppliers under the guidance of a management team that has experience with innovation projects. This ensures best practice innovation and commercialisation processes are adopted, but does require that teams are supported by a culture and work environment that furthers innovation without stigmatising failure.”

“Stone Three has been set up to work in this manner, and it’s core to why we are successful at innovation.”

“This is what inspires me most: when our innovation – led by our young leadership team – translates into successful business ventures with our partners.”

Louis Marais

CEO of Stone Three Mining Solutions

“The most important thing to keep in mind when developing solutions for the mining industry is to ensure they address real pain points while providing quantifiable and ongoing value to customers.”

“My goal in business is to be the leading digital productivity solutions provider to the mining and minerals processing industry.”

“I am a big believer in authentic leadership and building long-lasting relationships.”

Dirk Wagener

GM Healthcare

“The most important thing to remember when developing technology solutions for healthcare is that you are potentially impacting people’s lives directly, so there are no shortcuts and no room for error.”

“To solve the biggest problems, you need passion, inspiration and a rock star team that can innovate.”

“Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to become the global leader in cardio care tech solutions to screen for cardiovascular disease.”

Mark Silberbauer

GM Digital

“Successful teams all have members who help each other, and push each other, to achieve a collective goal that is also aligned with their personal growth paths. That way, everyone wins.”

“It’s important to be able to confront issues or differences in opinion while always remaining respectful to each other, even committing to final decisions while disagreements remain. Conflict will always be a fact of life and it should be seen as an opportunity to capture and incorporate diverse ideas that will push a product / service into differentiated territory.”

“I am a big believer in experimenting with discipline, evolving from lessons learned and keep moving forward.”

“Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to combine our experience and skill sets to cultivate an exceptional RM&D service for industry 4.0. This is in strong demand and can be accomplished at scale.”

Tarryn Van Wyk

HR Manager

“The best teams are ones that share knowledge and learn from each other.”

“For me, a positive company culture means that employees feel empowered, engaged, and motivated to give their best.”

“Transparency and communication are the most important part of building a collaborative environment.”