Small beginnings
turned great through
hard work and passion.

Stone Three was founded by Dave Weber and Francois Swanepoel in 2000.


At the time Francois was a student at the University of Stellenbosch’s digital signal processing, which Dave headed up.

Together they embarked on a very demanding mission: to create the bespoke, high-end signal processing solutions required to overcome real-world engineering problems.

We believe that solving only the most challenging technical feature does not necessarily provide a ‘whole product’. In order for the end-user to experience value, the technology must be packaged into a complete system that integrates seamlessly into his/her environment.

Stone Three’s first project was a continuation of Francois’ Masters project – a particle size analyser using acoustic technology, developed for De Beers Diamonds.

Since then, our capabilities have evolved from pure signal processing into other areas such as machine vision, software defined radio, data analytics and machine learning, all underpinned by enterprise software development skills (whole product concept).

Being located in Cape Town, South Africa enables us to offer a lower cost base to our international customers, while being very competitive in an industry where cultural fit and understanding is key.

Today, we employ a number of highly skilled and intuitive engineers, developers, business consultants and operational support personnel. They are the lifeblood of our company and, by extension, of our clients’ companies.