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Stone Three Communications has a long history in creating high performance software defined radio (SDR) products for various industries. We bring more than 18 years of experience with software defined radio to the global communication industry through a range of advanced SDR software solutions and bespoke hardware development.

The Stone Three Comms SDR Framework was developed in-house by a team of specialists with experience in the maritime, aerospace and signals intelligence industries. Our Framework is designed to scale over embedded platforms from entry level to modern system-in-package processors with multi-core and FPGA capabilities. Our framework leverages the core strengths of the platform with our own operating system that is designed to provide deterministic, low-latency performance. All this combine to bring products to market faster without compromising reliability.

Our most recent development of a maritime VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) has made us one of the world leaders in VDES. The SDR Framework was used to implement high performance, efficient waveforms using advanced signal processing methods. The higher protocol layers were built on top of this to realize a full product from low-level hardware, through the entire protocol stack up to the user interface.

Our experience in product certification for the maritime (BSH certification) and aerospace (DO-160 and DO-254 compliance) markets drives our high-quality software and hardware products.

“All inclusive co-discovery and co-creation process underpins all project development”



SDR Framework

The SDR framework was developed in-house to be used on resource constrained platforms.

It uses a custom operating system that can easily be ported to different platforms. This includes Bare Metal ARM, macOS, Linux and Windows.

The portability of our platform means that development can be done on a PC with production code before running it on the final hardware. This drastically reduces development time to reach the market faster.

Our custom developed visualization tools were developed with our SDR framework and helps engineers find, diagnose and fix anomalies that are usually impossible to find. All of this is possible from production code without the need to recompile since the diagnostic functionality is always available without loading the CPU.


The VDES1000 is a fully compliant VDES module in a very compact form factor. It includes a high sensitivity 7-channel wideband SDR receiver and 50 W peak linear VHF transmitter.

It was developed using our SDR framework at its core and building all the required AIS, ASM and VDE functionality on top of it.

Our hardware and Radio Frequency (RF) skills were used to develop the most compact VDES solution in the world without sacrificing performance.

The entire product life-cycle is considered with products developed for testing to streamline production while at the same time providing easy-to-use user interfaces and custom PC management software.

The SDR nature of the VDES1000 enabled early development and deployment of VDES products that can maintain compatibility with changing specifications through in-field software upgrades.

The VDES1000 was developed in partnership with CML Microcircuits.

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AIS Space Receiver

The SDR framework and our hardware skills were used to develop a complete AIS receiver for use in cubesatellites in record time.

Hardware was designed to withstand the high demands of space, based on experience in Aerospace product development.

The performance of our SDR framework ensures that the system can operate with high doppler offsets and manage AIS message collisions without compromising on functionality.

SDR functionality in space has the added benefit of extending the lifetime and functionality of an expensive investment through in-flight reconfiguration.




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