Collaboration and passion
drives our expert team
to innovate and deliver

A culture of collaboration, respect, teamwork and excellence in all that we do.


We strive to create an environment for all our staff that encourages them to do great, fulfilling and meaningful work. We believe that the quality of the intellectual property we develop is directly linked to the quality of the people involved in its development, and we go to great lengths to ensure each staff member is equipped with the tools to achieve greatness.

A day in the life of a Stone Three employee could take him/her to new innovations in engineering, or to a deeper understanding of development. They may gain unique insight into a new industry, and learn how technology solutions have a real-world impact on a business’ profitability and efficiency.

Our clients work with us because we’re the best in our field. For this reason, we are passionate about giving our staff members every opportunity to be the best they can be. Nothing excites us more than an “impossible” problem, because it’s our belief that, with the correct combination of talent, teamwork and passion, no problem is impossible.

But while we are committed to delivering unquestionable value to our clients every day, we also know that people do their best work when there’s more to their lives than just work. We had this in mind when we chose the site of our new office, the beautiful Paardevlei area of Somerset West. A day at the office can easily be followed by an afternoon surf, a visit to a favoured wine farm or a bike ride in the nearby forests.

We have several initiatives that encourage our staff to expand their horizons and bring personal passions into the workplace. Every Wednesday over lunch, for example, we host a ‘Tech Frenzy’, where we give employees the opportunity to tell the rest of the team about a tech project they have been working on, whether its a project at Stone Three or something they’re working on at home. We often invite guests to come and talk to the team during these sessions. In the past we’ve been inspired by speakers from MIT and Google Streetview.

Take a look at our CSI projects and our Vision Alpha Days and, if you feel that life at Stone Three is the kind of life you want, send your CV and a cover letter to