Digital Workplace Safety

Safety is no accident.

Industrial safety officers and managers are under constant pressure to create and maintain accident free environments. Digital Workplace Safety enables your existing CCTV system to recognise safety and zone violations while monitoring its own camera health. The result is vastly improved infringement and incident detection. 

A culture of safety awareness demands consistent enforcement, because lives often depend on the reaction time to infringements and incidents. Our machine assisted safety monitoring system does exactly that – consistent, real-time detection. 

Intelligent CCTV safety for the workplace.

Safety in numbers.

Digital Workplace Safety software processes multiple CCTV feeds simultaneously. Its ever evolving machine learning filters (artificial intelligence) is trained to recognise – and get continuously better at recognising:

  • Safety-zone violations
  • Hard hat violations
  • Safety vest violations
  • Protective eye wear violations
  • Crowding & abnormal behaviour

The CCTV camera system on which the Digital Workplace Safety software is deployed is constantly monitored for:

  • Focus problems
  • Dirt or obstruction of the lens
  • Changes in camera field of view
  • Camera error

Safety operators are immediately notified of detected incidents and transgressions so they can take appropriate action.

Get notified. Don’t wait for it to happen.

Scale to size. 

The Digital Workplace Safety system is compatible with standard CCTV cameras and is able to handle thousands of camera feeds.

The system is designed to easily integrate into your organisation and to scale as needed, creating an intelligent layer of safety awareness across the full extent of your operation. 

Data visualisation tools are easily implemented on the system, allowing safety officers to identify current and potential safety issues.  

Compatible with standard CCTV cameras. Can monitor thousands of feeds.

 Built on Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft has partnered with Digital Workplace Safety to promote and showcase the power of Microsoft technologies in the heavy and other industries.

Microsoft’s Azure components and services form a reliable and secure platform for building applications that operate both on the edge and in the cloud.  

Spot trends in dangerous behaviour. Get proactive.

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