Ore Size

The grinding mill is regarded as the primary module in many comminution circuits. It is costly to run and optimising its productivity is essential. Suboptimal feed size leads to inefficient grinding and reduced throughput. The Stone Three Milling Diagnostics and Analytics solution is a machine vision-based system that continuously monitors the feed size distribution as well as other key parameters and enables improvement of mill performance. This is achieved by (1) enhanced blending of fines and course material in SAG and AG mills through optimal feeder selection and (2) detecting oversized material resulting in improved uptime.


Conveyor Belt

Performance management of key assets, such as conveyor belts, are critical to any site. Belt failures are dangerous, disruptive, extremely costly and can be prevented. The Stone Three Belt Condition Monitoring solution is a machine vision-based system that identifies conveyer belt surface features such as splices, tears and edge deformations whilst also detecting belt drift. It simplifies the belt inspection process and therefore enhances early detection of belt surface anomalies, which can be monitored and compared over time resulting in improved maintenance scheduling.


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