Precision Telemedicine

Stone Three Healthcare is an experienced innovator and development partner


Stone Three Healthcare develops intelligent customer-centric global healthcare solutions that deliver positive impact on patients and healthcare providers.

Our e-health solutions are built on deeply embedded digital signal processing, machine vision and enterprise software capabilities that deliver scalable technologies for global markets.

Stone Three Healthcare combines deep domain expertise, personalisation and advanced software engineering to develop market-leading telehealth solutions with strong uptake in the North American market.

Stone Three Healthcare is led by a team of engineering, enterprise software and business experts and has a strong focus on establishing partnerships with leading global medical providers. Our solutions have been deployed in multiple markets and enjoy strong uptake in the highly-competitive North American market.

It has been through our culture of awareness and true empathy with our clients’ challenges and environment that we’ve become what we are today.


Precision telehealth solutions for the global healthcare market.

Stone Three Healthcare develops and designs precision telemedicine solutions for cardiovascular, respiratory and diabetes applications for a global market.


Our TeleSensi solution provides healthcare professionals with stethoscope streaming capabilities that delivers superior audio quality for improved diagnosis, workflow integration with existing user management systems, and complete business integration.


Our SensiCardiac  diagnosis tool can remotely detect up to 15 underlying heart problems to enable healthcare providers and clinics to perform preventative screenings and creates a heart report for providers and patients that can inform better healthcare decision-making.

GM Healthcare

Dirk Wagener

GM Healthcare

The most important thing to remember when developing technology solutions for healthcare is that you are potentially impacting people’s lives directly, so there are no shortcuts and no room for error.

To solve the biggest problems, you need passion, inspiration and a rock star team that can innovate.

Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to become the global leader in cardio care tech solutions to screen for cardiovascular disease.