Management Team

Meet the stewards
of the Stone Three

Stone Three is led by a group of passionate individuals, who ensure staff fulfillment and client satisfaction at all times.


Eugene Jansen

Chief Executive Officer

Eugene has been part of Stone Three since 2009. He is responsible for turning our vision and strategy into reality, employing his keen commercial focus and belief that people should be allowed to focus on what they are passionate about and good at.

He believes that building sustainable partnerships, working with awesome people, being flexible and having fun along the way are all vital to success.

Eugene lives in Stellenbosch with his wife and two children, and enjoys keeping fit, enjoying the great outdoors and doing practical projects with his kids.

Francois Swanepoel

Chief Technology Officer

Francois was a co-founder of Stone Three (originally called Stone Three Signal Processing). It was his Masters project, a particle size analyser using acoustic technology, that started it all back in 2000.

Francois is all about the technology. He loves nothing more than working with his team to solve a complex software challenge. And if something new has hit the market, Francois will be one of the first to know about it.

His motto is: “Always delight your clients – it’s the only way you’ll stay in business.”

In his spare time, Francois enjoys staying active, doing DIY and catching up on sleep – a luxury in a house with a new baby!

Debbie Thurtell

Team Dynamics

In her role as resident coach, it’s Debbie’s job to encourage the development of our people and ensure that  they’re happy, productive and growing – hence her informal title: ‘Chief Happiness Officer’.

Debbie has always had a heart for helping people. Before joining Stone Three she studied radiography, specialising in Ultrasonography. She joined the team in 2001 as a part-time financial administrator. Over the years, her love for the company and its people has grown exponentially, to the point where she now heads up Team Dynamics.

Debbie is married with two adult children and loves to read, study, walk and garden in her free time.

Dirk Wagener

Operations Manager, Business Development

Dirk is our “man on the ground”. He works closely with our new clients during the initial phases of the relationship, building trust and helping them define their requirements through workshops and brainstorming sessions. He is also an engineer and supports the development team, acting as the go-to-guy for technical operations.

Always willing to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in, Dirk is also deeply involved in Stone Three’s marketing and business development activities. His philosophy is: “Do business from the heart and the rest will follow.”

During his free time, you’re most likely to find Dirk outdoors surfing, sailing, fishing or hiking. He lives just outside Stellenbosch with his wife and young son.