Digital Productivity Solutions

Stone Three Mining specialises in the development and production of digital productivity solutions for the global mining industry.


Stone Three Mining provides digital productivity solutions for minerals processing plants with machine vision Smart Sensor technology and end-to-end solutions & services, including process diagnostics and integration with advanced process control platforms. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled people specialising in machine vision, machine learning and minerals processing to deliver outcomes-based solutions, underpinned by Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics that ensure every implementation delivers sustainable benefits.

Stone Three Mining takes a four-step approach to ensuring effective digital productivity is achieved at our customers’ mining operations:

  • Step 1: Solution Consulting– our experienced process engineers conduct a technical and value assessment to better understand what the challenges are and how technology can address the challenges.
  • Step 2: Implementation– our team of highly-skilled enterprise integration specialists implement the correct hardware and software solutions to enable our customers to measure, analyse and optimise their mining productivity.
  • Step 3: Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics– we provide on-going monitoring and support services to ensure each solution delivers positive impact and has the technical support it needs to operate optimally.
  • Step 4: Benefit Verification– we support our customers with a scientific benefit analysis hat highlights the key optimisation benefits of the new technology and discovers quantifiable ROI.

Optimising mineral processing plants through machine vision based smart sensor technology, consultative data analysis and advanced process control services.


Digital productivity solutions for the mining industry

Our digital productivity solutions are designed to optimise mining processes and improve output and throughput while minimising downtime. Our smart sensor technology supports mining production processes from mining, crushing, and grinding through to flotation. This enables mines to optimise processes and maximise profits.

Key to our value offering is the ability to match smart sensor technology to precision diagnoses that identify errors or inefficiencies and produces actionable insights for improvement.

Our smart sensor -based digital productivity solutions optimise mining processes by providing:

  • truck load metrics including payload estimation, truck load volume, PSD and ore characteristics;
  • ore size and volume metrics including liner wear, bulk density, reduction ratios and crusher protection;
  • mill size and volume metrics including mill fill estimation, mill diagnostics and conveyor condition; and
  • pulp and froth metrics including froth and pulp states, grade and recovery estimation.

By matching our smart sensor technology to enterprise-grade diagnostic tools, we provide mining operations with process advisories, asset maintenance reminders and warnings, and violation warnings.

Our new line of people and workplace monitoring solutions further add value to mining operations by improving workplace safety through tracking PPE violations and event detection.

An Installer for the Bubble Sizer software can be found here.

Management Team

Louis Marais

CEO of Stone Three Mining Solutions

The most important thing to keep in mind when developing solutions for the mining industry is to ensure they address real pain points while providing quantifiable and ongoing value to customers.

My goal in business is to be the leading digital productivity solutions provider to the mining and minerals processing industry.

I am a big believer in authentic leadership and building long-lasting relationships.

Carl Rohwer


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