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An online service that aids agricultural decision making


MySmartFarm is a service that pulls information including weather forecasts, satellite images, soil moisture monitoring, irrigation plans etc – which were previously only available separately – together into a single online dashboard that helps farmers make smart decisions about their operations. 

Combining the data in this way enables users to uncover patterns and gain insights that simply are not available when the information is siloed. The dashboard is extremely user-friendly – a big improvement to the usual tools, which over time have become outdated.

MySmartFarm offers:

  • Automated data capture
  • Easy, customisable widgets
  • Easy-to-understand graphs
  • Accessibility from any smart device

We developed the MySmartFarm service with a focus on user-centred design, scalability (in order to keep subscription fees down to capture a large user base), and the ability to harvest user data to extract valuable insights.

This solution is designed to be a one-stop-shop for farmers looking for a simpler, easier way to optimise their operations without spending hours in the office.

Industry: Agriculture
Technologies: Data Science, Enterprise Engineering


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