Stone Three and Treparal.
Unlocking the value
in Big data.

Data visualisation and analytics for IP management


Treparel (acronym for Trends, Patterns and Relations) is a Netherlands-based company that specialises in finding meaning, value and answers to complex questions, in huge masses of data (‘Big data’).

They use data visualisation and analytics to help businesses “see” and understand the trends and patterns in their own data. Treparel analytics is applicable to almost any data or text-mining industry, including commerce, pharmacy and patenting.

The Knowledge Mapping and Exploration (KMX) platform is a suite of integrated tools that allow users to run complex data searches and analytics using complex data analytic algorithms.

Patent visualisation tools uses text mining technology to enable users to perform classifications on huge amounts of database entries, for example to check whether a similar patent already exists. Traditional patent specialists are expensive and the domain knowledge required means that the pool of talent is small.

Treparel’s patent visualisation tools aim to automate this process for people who lack specific expertise in IP classification. The tools vary from standalone desktop applications, to cutting-edge IP dashboards running as web-apps. Dashboards are designed to visualise a variety of data formats and offer a number of collaboration and workflow functionalities, including: searching, plotting, data drilling, sharing, alerting, and constructing new derived data sets.

Stone Three works in partnership with Treparel to develop these tools, with a focus on increased cross-platform stability and usability.

Industry: Knowledge/ IP Management
Technologies: Data Science, Enterprise Engineering