Workplace Safety

Safety is no accident

We all want to be safe at work – to know that our health and well-being are taken care of at all times. But maintaining safety standards in a heavy industry environment can be an ongoing challenge, as these statistics demonstrate:

  • Over R5 billion in Section 54s safety stoppage costs in mining in 2015
  • Non-fatal injuries costed at nearly R650 000 per event in 2017
  • Over 80 fatalities reported by SA Mining in 2018
  • Approximately 76% of surface fatalities caused by haulage, machinery and falls, with 44% of non-lethal LTI surface activities caused by material handling and falls

It’s for this reason that industrial safety officers and managers are under constant pressure to create and maintain accident-free environments – not just the cost to companies, but the cost to human safety as well. The repercussions are huge, which is why strict safety protocols and procedures in the mining, oil, gas and petrochemical industries are a must.

At Stone Three, we believe that Industry 4.0 is the next step forward in workplace safety, with smart devices, IoT-enabled apps and wearables, and safety monitoring systems contributing significantly to improved employee safety and decreased LTI time. Because the more we can measure and monitor, the more we can prevent the worst from happening.

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Safety in numbers

An unsafe work environment costs more than money – it costs employee morale, productivity, and sometimes even lives as well. That’s why at Stone Three our AI-augmented digital workplace safety solutions are designed to protect both your employees, and your company as a whole:

  • AI-augmented real time video analytics for CCTV feeds, monitoring PPE, zone detection, falls, abnormal behaviour, sensor health, and fire risks
  • Conveyor belt defect detection
  • Industrial wearables such as panic buttons, with alerts for toxic gases, and changes in location and temperature
  • State-of-the-art operationalised machine learning

By using AI technology to monitor your employees and their working environment, we can identify unsafe behaviour before accidents or injuries occur, helping to minimise unplanned downtime and costs and keeping your workplace safe and productive at all times.

Video analytics

Early detection and prevention can be the key to avoiding dangerous and costly incidents in the working environment. Our Digital Workplace Safety Software makes use of AI technology in order to extract patterns and recognise safety violations before they escalate.

By integrating our Digital Workplace Safety Software with your existing CCTV system, you’ll be able to monitor multiple CCTV feeds simultaneously in order to detect:

  • Safety zone violations
  • Hard hat violations
  • Safety vest violations
  • Protective eyewear violations
  • Crowding and abnormal behaviour

In order to ensure our software is working optimally at all times, your CCTV camera system will also be constantly monitored for:

  • Focus problems
  • Dirt or lens obstructions
  • Changes in camera field of view
  • Camera error

Should any of these issues be detected, your safety operators will be immediately notified so that they can take appropriate action.

Why Stone Three?

Our Digital Workplace Safety system is:

  • Compatible with standard CCTV cameras
  • Able to handle thousands of camera feeds simultaneously
  • Designed to easily integrate into your organisation and to scale as needed
  • Able to create an intelligent layer of safety awareness across the full extent of your operation
  • Built on Microsoft Azure, with components and services that form a reliable and secure platform

With our Digital Workplace Safety Software in place, your safety officers will be able to use data visualisation tools to easily identify current and potential safety issues and dangerous behavioural trends, giving them the power to be proactive and make your working environment a safer space for all.

Our impact

At Stone Three, we believe that workplace safety is about more than simply saving money – it’s about making employees feel safe and valued so that they’re able to perform at their very best. That’s why we’re committed to delivering digital workplace safety solutions that integrate not just with your existing systems, but with your company culture as well.

By using our AI technology to monitor your employees and your workspace, you’ll benefit from decreased LTI, reduced costs, increased labour productivity, and a happier, healthier workforce. All it takes is the willingness to protect your most important assets, and to be constantly alert and proactive. Because safety is no accident.

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